Theatre of Europe commissions leading theatre directors from the continent with British creatives to premiere European work for a UK audience. Our aim is to widen access to continental European theatre practise within mainstream British theatre and we are working with some of the most exciting artists across the continent and in the UK to achieve this. Each project is developed over several years of research to build long-term relationships with the UK performing arts, to facilitate a return for the directors from continental Europe with new projects in the future and to open doors to working on the continent for participating British artists.

Theatre of Europe has raised over £100,000 since forming in May 2013 in order to support research and development work, core company costs and a Doctoral Research project starting in Autumn 2015. We are proud of the institutions associated with Theatre of Europe which include the European Commission, the European Union National Institutes for Culture, Arts Council England, Institut Français, Goethe Institut, Romanian Cultural Institute, Embassy of Denmark, Italian Cultural Institute and the Arts and Humanities Research Council. Their unwavering support in Theatre of Europe’s vision from the outset has been integral to getting each project started and to instilling confidence in the making of full-scale productions. Over the last two years Theatre of Europe has put together an ambitious programme of artists from six different European countries in partnership with leading theatres across the UK.

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