Copenhagen Research Trip

Henriette Morrison recounts her visit to Copenhagen on the kind invitation of the Embassy of Denmark.

What sparked your interest in experiencing the Danish theatre scene?

My induction was seeing the explosive work of Betty Nansen Teatret at the Barbican Centre. Then the Danish Embassy here in London provided me with a list of theatre directors to look into. Every single director on that list seemed to be creating work that breathed originality, flair and innovation and I was therefore curious to see more.

What did you do during your visit?

I was there for two action-packed days. I met with Kirsten Denholm (Artistic Director of Hotel Pro Forma) at the company’s rather splendid headquarters; I saw a site-specific production of Ibsen’s A DOLL’S HOUSE in a real house in Copenhagen where the players were the inhabitants of that house unrehearsed until the moment of the audience’s arrival, followed by a very clever remaking of the Nazi propaganda film TRIUMPH OF THE WILL both directed by Fix&Foxy; I had coffee with Elisa Kragerup (three times winner of the prestigious Reumert Awards, most recently this year with her production of Ovid’s METAMORPHOSIS), a meeting with Tue Biering (one of Fix&Foxy’s Artistic Directors) and finally I saw a dance piece by a company called Two Woman Machine.

Did the experience live up to your expectations?

What I saw was absolutely excellent and I am certainly keen to go back to watch more. What particularly impressed me was a general feeling of inquisitiveness on the part of artists and audiences and a desire to be challenged.

Will you be developing any projects out of this trip?

In a word… YES! I hope more than one, in a not too distant future.
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